About Acharya



The everlasting spirit that actively unleashes the divine blessings of Devi Mookambika.

Mookambika is the incarnation of Adi Parashakti, the universal mother, the supreme goddess who thrives in three forms and showers her blessings on all the devotees living all over the world. “Let everyone be the hands of this divine feminine power” is the message propagated by Mookambika Saji Potti, the pioneer of Sree Mookambika Charitable Trust India, through his incessant initiatives and activities. Sri Sajipotti was born on 25th April 1974. From a very young age, he was very much interested in conforming to the laws and wishes of God and helping others. Sri Kochu Krishnan, the former Hindu priest of Varkala Ayanthi Valiyamelil Devi temple was the one who taught saji potti the basics of pooja-related rites and rituals.

Saji Potti’s father was not interested in such religious practices and was against his son always meditating in the temple and the nearby sacred groove. Deeply troubled by Saji’s extreme devotion to God and intense spiritual passion, his father thought of selling his house and possessions and settled with his family in Thenmala, Urakunnu in Kollam district. As no one could change God’s will, Saji Potti took charge as the chief priest of Sri Bagavathy Temple at Urakunnu, right next to his house. Without even consulting his father, he took up that responsibility with full sincerity. Within a few days, he proved his ability in pooja and his talent, sincerity, and devotion in worship and offerings attracted the devotees of the place so much that they started calling him ‘Ambotti’ as a sign of respect. Saji Potti’s father did not forbid his son from worshiping in the temple as he was unable to go to another place despite the love and affection showered by the devotees and entrusted his father’s friend Sri Rajasekharacharya Swami, abbot of Ezhukon Sri Mukambika Devi Temple to teach him about the pooja related rituals.

Years passed and while continuing at Urakunnu temple, there was an intuition, a gut feeling that reminded Saji Potti to leave behind everything and reach Mookambika where river Sowparnika washes the feet of Devi Mookambika and cleanses the minds of thousands of devotees. Even after reaching the house, his mind repeated that he must go to Mukambika. It was then he started his journey without saying anything to anyone to find his ultimate destination. It was as if he was caught in a circle of attraction. Eventually, he reached and basked in the glory of the blessings from Kollur Mookambika. Saji Potti spent sixty seven days not being conscious about the changing days and nights. In the meantime, one day in the rush of darshan, he fell and rolled over at the feet of Shri Mitram Namboothiripad, an expert in astrology, who took his hand and lifted him, blessed him, and told him that he should study astrology. Later Saji Potti returned home with his Guru who came to visit Mookambika temple. On the second day of his return home, he took charge as Melasanti of Pothupara Malanada Sri Bhagavathy Temple in Pathanamthitta district and first predicted astrology for two mothers. They wanted to know if they could get their son back. They were asked to perform a Pongala offering that lasted for seven days. On the seventh day, during the Pongala dedication, the son came home and the whole country came to know about it. Then there was a flow of devotees to the temple to solve the problems they faced in their lives. In 1999, on the day of Rohini in the month of Makara, Saji Potti performed his first consecration ceremony at Ayyappa Swamy temple, Konni, in Pathanamthitta district. Later he performed numerous consecration ceremonies at various temples in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.

Saji Potti believes that only with the well-being of others that a society can thrive. Hence he is at the forefront of doing charity-related activities. Sri Mookambika Mission Charitable Trust India is slowly gaining momentum day by day by building houses for the poor, providing study assistance to needy students, providing marriage assistance to needy girls, arranging feasts for those attending weddings, providing medical assistance to those who are suffering from various diseases, and distributing medicines, food grains, and clothes. The upcoming objectives of the trust are to establish a Hindu religious school, a Hindulibrary, a Hindu prayer hall, a Vedic study hall, a yoga training center, a Goshala, and a Yagashala to perform Yagas daily.

One of Saji Potti’s ultimate aims in life is to provide free treatment to poor cancer patients. He is also into free medicine distribution, clothing distribution, and food grain kit distribution to poor and needy patients. He also wants to provide free ambulance facilities to the poor. Mukambika Saji Potti’s book of spirituality named ‘Achara Anushthanangal’ remains a best seller. He continues to carry out many exemplary philanthropic activities by arranging for the daily noon meal at Kayamkulam Taluk Hospital for one year and evening meal at Pathanamthitta Government Hospital for two years. Sree Mookambika Mission Charitable Trust India continues its journey identifying the needy and the deserved and connecting hearts of millions of people, extending helping hands at the time of need, as services, or in the form of food, clothes, medicines, knowledge, or at times as the light of spiritual embodiment.

Rudra Gayathri S – Future Acharya of Sree Mookambika Mission Charitable Trust, India.

Rudra Gayathri, daughter of Mukambika Sajipotti, Managing Trustee, Acharya, and Chairman of Sri Mookambika Mission Charitable Trust India, was born on 24th May 2016. The baby was born with the blessings of Goddesses Sree Mookambika and at the time of her birth, it rained, combined with thunder and lightning while the sun was shining bright. The naming ceremony was performed by Makam Nal Keralavarma Raja of Pandalam Valiyakoikal Palace. Advocate K.K Sarath Chandra Bose also participated in the ceremony, along with several devotees from Tamilnadu, carrying with them lord Brahma’s idol that was supposed to be consecrated at Thenkasi Kilepatta Kurichi Brahma temple.

In the year 2016, Mahagayatri Yagam of the trust was performed at Sri Rajarajeshwari Temple, Kollam, Kadappakada, in the presence of Bangalore Kailasa Ashram abbot Sri, Sri, Sri, Jayandrapuri Swami and officiated by the Golden Temple Priests of this Ashram. Sri, Sri, Sri, Jayandrapuri Swami, who was performing the Yaga, blessed Mookambika Sajipotti by saying that he was going to be a father to a girl child, that it would be a special birth and that she should be named Gayatri (It was when Rudra was in her mother’s womb and just completed the sixth month). After the baby’s birth, Makam Naal Kerala Varmaraja of the Pandalam Palace wanted to name her Rudra. Eventually, both of the suggested names were combined and the baby was named Rudra Gayathri.

From the age of about two years, Rudra Gayatri used to help her father with the preparation process of yagas and would sit in the Thevarappura (puja room) for meditation. As she attained the age of three, Rudra Gayathri informed her father that she wanted to perform Ganapati homam by herself and her father allowed her to do so. Rudra Gayatri also participated in the poojas and yagas along with her father in Thevarapura and other houses and in the temples where her father performed rituals and started doing Bhagavatiseva and other pooja vidhis on her own in Thevarapura. At the age of five, Rudra took up the position as a tantri at Sri Kochu Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple, Avanvancherikunnu, Attingal, Thiruvananthapuram.

As a recognition of Rudra Gayathri’s spiritual excellence, she was honored with the prestigious ‘Tantrika Kulashreshta Award 2022’, instituted by the New Delhi-based Indiraji Cultural Sangh. The award was conferred by former Home Minister Shri Thiruvanjoor Radhakrishnan M.L.A on 16th July 2022 at Kottayam Press Club Hall at 3 PM in the presence of Hon’ble Kottayam Municipality Chairperson Binsi Sebastian. Rudra performs all the rituals at the trust’s head office thevarappura. Now it is a routine that Rudra Gayathri wakes up early in the morning, takes a bath, cleans herself, and sits for meditation, then comes down after completing rituals and offerings. After the death of Trust Acharya Mukambika Saji Potti, this child is to take over the position of Acharya of the Trust upon reaching the age of majority.